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We understand the security and compliance needs of enterprises, and deliver cost effective models of security management to ensure your business is protected from threats. We remain on the front foot of the threat landscape and deploy innovative applications that minimise risk and enforce security on your sites.



As networks become more complex and data volumes increase, the diagnosis and remedy of operational issues become more challenging, as do audit trails for compliance. By accessing comprehensive, tailor-made reports in a single pane of glass view you cut through data volumes to get actionable information with a holistic view of the infrastructure. This ensures you

  • avoid attacks or mitigate their impact
  • get smarter bandwidth management
  • drive down operating cost
  • make better decisions on IT strategy and investments


Ardenta’s Monitoring-as-a-Service or MaaS offers real-time monitoring of your infrastructure, in one place and puts the IT team into proactive rather than reactive mode when it comes to cyber attacks.

Our MaaS equips gaming operators with technology foresight, insight, threat protection and better decision-making as part of a comprehensive range of managed IT services. We do this by utilising leading vendor technologies, proven methodologies and drawing from our experience within the gaming industry.

Without any software to install, you gain the insight and the confidence to make the best IT technology and strategy decisions thanks to business-centric tailored reports which are coupled with our unique industry experience.


For any organisation which falls under the scope of PCI DSS, staying compliant presents a constant challenge. Compliance involves considerable cost and ongoing management, as well as effort and resource to ensure skills an systems are up to date. PCI DSS reporting is time-consuming and data-intensive. For many it’s a frustrating process, fraught with complex and changing requirements, which diverts scarce resources and skills from the core business.

PCI DSS 3.0 introduced specific  reporting requirements which leave many businesses struggling to get clarity on their status and necessary actions. Ardenta can help you keep on top of PCI DSS reporting requirements through our fully managed turnkey solution, Compliance Angel. This Compliance-as-a-Service solution combines market-leading skills, tools and infrastructure capabilities in a monthly cost, greatly reducing the manpower and time otherwise required to satisfy reporting requirements. Compliance Angel is tailor made and quick to deploy, achieving:

  • reduced compliance workload
  • reduced failure rates thanks to automation
  • integrity of security logs for a secured audit trail


Secure by certification

Ardenta is ISO 20000-1 IT Service Management certified. We also hold ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification. This gives our customers reassurance about our commitment to providing consistent and cost effective services, ensuring cohesive delivery and sustainability whilst making security a priority.

Secure by design

managed-services#1We have adopted the most stringent compliance practices to exceed the standards demanded of our customers. We provide daily reporting around our customers’ data security.The solutions we set up for our customers are secure by design, with built-in disaster recovery because we understand the unique requirements dictated by the industry. The ability to maintain critical operations is defined by resilient and proven technologies, delivered with our ability to foresee and respond rapidly to events, minimising the impact on the business.

Secure by experience

We serve PCI-compliant customers and have a thorough understanding of the regulatory and compliance requirements our customers have to meet. We support our customers in this with a range of security monitoring solutions, alongside of having the capability to design, implement, and manage the IT infrastructures in  accordance with their exacting standards.

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