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Our infrastructure is built for performance. Our powerful monitoring, coupled with insightful performance reporting presented by our service delivery teams ensures you can visualise the performance of your IT, and equips you with the information to make smart business decisions.

Performance 60 / 60 / 24 / 7 / 365


Every environment we design and implement is secure by design, and future-proof through the experience we apply and the technologies we select.  We focus on performance, ensuring future-proof technologies are implemented in delivery models with no vendor lock-in. We take on the maintenance of your infrastructure to ensure high performance throughout.


For enterprises whose business-critical operations depend on constant uptime, delivering affordable and effective failover environments with no service disruption or degradation is a huge challenge. Our DRaaS offers flexible RPO/RTO’s without the price tag. Our vCloud Air offer, coupled with in-depth experience in designing enterprise-level DR solutions offers 0 RPO/RTO in a live-like environment, cost-effectively designed according to proven models. If you need the reassurance that your business will continue to perform in the event of an attack or disaster, and you need the proof from real-time, live-like testing, our DRaaS delivers innovative resilience through proven VMware technologies with enterprise-grade performance on a global scale, for companies of any sizes, at a budget to suit.

The results?

  • RPO/RTO that meets your requirements
  • no compromises: real-time, live-like testing
  • affordable



Data is considered one of the most valuable currencies for businesses today. But what about when your data volumes become so extensive that to safeguard just the essentials becomes an exponentially increasing cost? The duplication of storage places a huge strain on the infrastructure, strangling speed, straining skills and your people, not to mention being locked into rapidly spiralling spending on commodity hardware. The rate at which a local backup can scale is at serious risk of inadequacy in a growing business, where unlimited data retention is becoming a requirement. Our Backup-as-a-Service is designed for growing enterprises who require robust data protection solutions which deliver backup to demanding RTOs and RPOs with minimal to no user intervention. This in turn frees up the IT team to focus on value-add instead of maintenance. Our BaaS is ideal for fast-growing enterprises who understand the benefits of resilient, future-proof systems delivered by trusted advisors.

Why let BAU hold you back when IT is expected to deliver value to the business as a whole?

Ardenta’s BaaS is the perfect data protection solution delivered as a service, ensuring customers achieve lower TCO on their secure backup solution. By deploying BaaS, our clients achieve the RTOs that their business requires, deploying the dta management strategies that are tailored to their individual needs. We build in continuous monitoring and proactive alerts into our backup-as-a-service and offer assistance in restore and recover. this way, simplicity is achieved even when the business is scaling up, with enhanced performance speeds, and the assurance that your data is secure at all times.

Our BaaS offers

  • secure
  • highly customised
  • agile
  • high performance RTO/RPO
  • all at an affordable, monthly fee


Service Delivery

Our customers enjoy maintenance reviews and support that is uniquely tailored to their processes, cultures, and environments. Our service delivery team adopts best practice processes to ensure that you receive expert services. We operate in an open, transparent and approachable manner with our customers to ensure that we remain flexible to their needs. Our customers appreciate our direct approach.

We drive change control processes within organisations, capacity and storage planning, maintenance planning and are able to alert our customers to any foreseeable performance problems long before they surface. Our service delivery team is in regular contact with our customers to ensure their needs are met.

Powerful and Insightful Performance Reporting


The regular reporting that we offer will highlight the business trends landscape, and demonstrate how systems are performing. Our service delivery teams works closely with our customers to prepare for major events in the sports calendar, building capacity planning into every project.

Our customers benefit from

  • Service level reporting against SLAs

  • SLA Negotiation and management

  • Extensive capacity reporting and trending analysis

  • Regular contact with a designated Service Delivery Manager


Monitoring: single pane of glass view

Our services are built around the expert solutions we have developed to ensure that meaningful metrics and trend analysis delivers value to the business rather than demonstrating how a SLA has been met.

To this end, solutions such as our System Angel, offers performance insights like no other monitoring tool can.

Ardenta’s System Angel solution is underpinned by industry-leading NetIQ AppManager software. We have developed extra functionality for specific technologies such as Informix, Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server , VOIP and more through our APIs. In moving to this new underpinning technology, we’ve greatly extended System Angel’s capabilities and value for customers. We are able to monitor multiple applications, systems and storage and network devices. Our clients gain more in-depth reporting, as well as access to historical and trend reporting. Different departments are offered different views of the system, with truly powerful status reports. These enable you to foresee future events impacting the business, putting you on the front foot of problems, growing customer confidence, improving customer service and reducing operating costs.  All through a single pane of glass, for a true status in real time on all your infrastructure:

operating system performance

system level and availability

website availability

database performance

all network devices

complex elements of system databases

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