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We provide solutions and services you need for business-critical enterprise IT, and design, implement, and manage your infrastructure to meet high performance requirements. We optimise existing business systems and deliver highly-tuned information systems to the enterprise, delivering market-leading reliability and performance.



Ardenta’s vCloud is a fast and cost-efficient route to market for e-gaming operators and media enterprises who need to launch products and services on flexible platforms and who wish to leverage a range of cloud services without adding to infrastructure complexity and cost.

Our IaaS offers the fastest route to market for your new launch in a true hybrid cloud platform. By aggregating connections to other cloud services, enterprises and startups achieve low latency, realising all the benefits the cloud has to offer in the form of flexibility, efficiency and agility. By choosing our IaaS, our customers connect to other providers, creating a hybrid cloud solution which allows infrastructure deployment in the right places, achieving low latency and high availability.

Ours is a holistic cloud platform which unlocks the full range of cloud benefits every growing organisation needs: flexibility, cost-efficiency and agility. But the platform is just one of the technologies which make a difference. We provide the end-to-end solutions, services and environment you need for business-critical enterprise IT, and will design, implement, and manage your infrastructure to meet with high performance SLAs, compliance and service management standards.

Our platform, your results

  • Speed to market
  • Gain peace of mind from being monitored and supported 60/60/24/7/365.
  • Enjoy resilience and performance for all your infrastructure
  • Low latency
  • Lower the total cost of ownership
  • Leverage trusted technologies for competitive advantage
  • Optimise the deployment of your own IT department

Resilient, Secure, Powerful IT Services

managed-services#1Our roots within hardware have expanded to encompass software, networks and crucially human input through the services we have designed for our users, and the enterprise IT experience we have experience in. Our experience, approach and dedication make the difference which our competitors cannot deliver – we remain extremely competitive whilst focused on exceeding our customers’ requirements.

We have seen the emergence of IT trends and are able to connect businesses with the most powerful technologies to address emerging requirements before they become critical. We couple this with our service offering and expertise whilst listening to your requirements, to ensure that your IT decision making is well informed, and can deliver the resilience, data insights and high speed performance your business wants.

User-centric service development

Our services are designed with the user at the centre, with the finest infrastructure to assure your online operations are future proof, deliver your business objectives and address your need to compete today.

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