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We provide a comprehensive range of hosting and cloud solutions from our state-of-the art data centres. We help you unlock the cost efficiencies, flexibility and agility of the cloud and virtualisation. We optimise your hosting solution with resilient storage, processing capacity, bandwidth and the right applications to achieve the results you want.

The Ardenta Cloud

Private Cloud services for efficiency and agility

High infrastructure costs; multiple environments for testing, development and proof-of concepts; licensing requirements – the obstacles to successfully hosting your own local infrastructures are numerous.  The flexibility to spin up and spin down your environments at will becomes a priority when preparing your infrastructure to seasonally-driven fluctuations, or even business-lead projects, such as new apps. Virtualized and private infrastructures offer unique business benefits for every size of business, from startups to enterprises.

The virtualized infrastructures we specify for our clients is engineered on industry-leading VMware vSPhere and VMware vCloud Directory; proven and safe technologies which unlock business benefits for every business unit and department. However, migration to the cloud for a 24/7 business requires expert execution. We are aware of the jurisdictional constraints placed on egaming operators, and understanding their unique requirements is second nature to us.

We’ve worked hard to build up our cloud and virtualisation specialisation, gaining years of experience of VMware technology for gaming operators. We collect metrics which enable us to quickly identify the ideal cloud infrastructure to suit your business. Being UK-based, we are fast becoming the chosen cloud provider for local operators who feel that our direct approach, niche expertise and personal attention adds value. Our vision is to become the chosen private cloud supplier for operators in this jurisdiction.

We are unique in our industry experience and personal approach, and hold compliance certification to ensure that the cloud solutions you select meet regulatory and compliance requirements, whilst ensuring that your data is protected and your business’ performance secure.

Key reasons for choosing Ardenta for providing your network services are

  • Highly agile, responsive and cost-effective services with reliability, fast response times and strict SLAs
  • Flexible, scalable solutions and the ability to react quickly to fluctuating demand
  • Aggregate and connect to other cloud service providers and achieve low latency
  • We provide complete multi-level security and multi-tenant architecture
  • Built-in resilience and DDoS protection, BDR options
  • Self-service portal for provisioning and monitoring: the ultimate in visibility and flexibility

You will find us listed as validated providers on VMware’s vCloud Air Network. For more information on our state-of-the-art datacentres, get in touch with us directly.

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Speed, responsiveness and business continuity

Your online operation needs to enjoy high resilience internet services, fast resolution speed and minimized latency to ensure that your conditions for outperforming your competitors are optimized.  As a registered Internet Service Provider, in the UK, we offer website hosting from our secure data centre based near London, Heathrow, near to our Head office. Our  next-generation data centres house state-of-the art equipment, and boast comprehensive security system, fire detection systems, environmental control by sensor. We operate two disaster recovery sites and ensure uninterruptible power facilities to ensure that our customers systems perform optimally 24/7/365. We can implement a new Linux-based server to host your website or co-locate it on a shared server for cost effectiveness. We understand the needs of highly competitive online operations, and have the experience to recommend, implement and maintain the ISP solutions that will ensure speed, responsiveness, and business continuity.

Our range of ISP solutions includes:

  • Domain name registration
  • DNS hosting and management
  • Global load balancing
  • Data centre, backup and DR


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