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With Informix, Oracle, MS SQL and DB2 expertise, we enable you make the most of your database investment. We are well known for our Informix expertise, making us your ideal specialist partner. We give you cost control, optimised software deployment, better management of your time and help you focus your IT team on strategic matters.

Resilient DbaaS from a trusted advisor


High performance transactional websites place huge demands on infrastructure to ensure the business can respond at critical times with speed and resilience, and without service degradation. Enterprises need speed-of-thought databases without infrastructure overhauls and huge investments. Anyone can design an infrastructure which meets business demands, but it takes experience and a creative approach to design and deploy a system which copes with the unforeseen.

Heavily tailored and tuned Database-as-a-Service deployments in our secure, private cloud deliver always-on, high performance databases. Technologies and skills, together with your database software, form the backbone of the data supporting your business. Making the right decisions in the deployment, licensing, tuning and and maintenance of your database ensures its ability to perform in line with business objectives and on budget.

Our DbaaS coupled with our experience ensures you can achieve:

  • scalability and speed to market

  • efficient licensing and optimised performance of your database

  • flexibility and cost control through monthly fees

  • optimisation of your database investment

  • access to the latest version of the software, always

By deploying your database as-a-service from Ardenta, you gain access to software versions and infrastructure which will not become outdated, along with database administration skills which can supplement or work alongside your existing team. Our private cloud is built for e-gaming and offers agility like no other. Your database scales automatically according to your requirements, and you deploy additional resources at will through our self-service portal. Your database fits within your hybrid cloud model, and our cloud connects you to other cloud services, allowing you to leverage low latency benefits in a true hybrid strategy.

Our expertise is unmatched and extensive, and our clients cite results such as

  • £M saving in licensing costs for one operator
  • making the most of their infrastructure investment
  • meets or exceeds industry requirements in terms of jurisdiction and peak handling

Whether you choose to host your database in our private cloud, or on-premise, we cover every area of database expertise from design, licensing, and provisioning to optimisation, maintenance, upgrades and support.

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Informix:  committed to speed and performance

Informix is ideally placed within e-gaming’s demands on the ability to store, access and query structured and unstructured data to inform business-critical decision making.

Ardenta has built 30 years of experience in licensing, managing and optimizing Informix databases. We have competed at an international level at the IIUG to showcase our Informix skills, and boast a range of customers to prove our specialism.We’re renowned and unrivalled as Informix experts and are uniquely positioned to deliver Informix in the cloud.

As an IBM Premier Business partner we offer an unrivalled specification, fulfilment and implementation service bringing Informix to the egaming and enterprise markets.

Ardenta’s delivery of Informix ensures no downtime, along with meeting peak season demands through innovative cloud deployments for spinning up and spinning down environments at will. There are many options available for ensuring that your needs for continuous availability and unrelenting speed of performance are met, and you can read more about them here.


Why Informix?

Informix is fast and efficient, requiring less space and power. It optimizes your use of hardware and can also be deployed as a DbaaS in our private cloud, making it perfectly suited for reducing cost and risk in distributed enterprise networks. Because it allows enterprises to combine structured and unstructured data, and its seamless integration into other business applications such as Business Intelligence, it is perfectly suited for enterprises and high-performance online operators. Its self-healing properties make it light on maintenance  when expertly deployed.



PostgreSQL Results delivered

It’s easy to see the advantages of PostgreSQL for egaming and the enterprise: The commercial implementations of it are champions of petabytes at speed, and the availability offered suits always-on online transaction processing.

The world’s most advanced open source object-relational database is renowned for reliability, integrity and correctness. It is enterprise-grade and scalable (user and data); it is also a development platform from which to run all your in-house development be they for web, commerce or your own software products – in other words, it is perfect for egaming.

The source code is free, but how do you look after a PostgreSQL database on a day-to-day basis, in a demanding enterprise environment? And should you attempt to keep the pace with the immense development pace of PostgreSQL? How do you keep the TCO down when you have to add skills and time?

Basics can be picked up but to work with and fully exploit the benefits of PostgreSQL you need PostgreSQL expertise.

With Ardenta, you can complement your IT team, build on the PostgreSQL skills you have access to and inject expertise into your database admin again, really utilising the feature-heavyness of PostgreSQL. As a result you will reduce the TCO and resources spent on getting it to work. Ultimately, by injecting our expertise, you save time and your products are launched faster. From migration, installation and configuration to regular maintenance and more complex tuning, our input  is proven to achieve business outcomes of speed-to-market, resilience and readiness for growth in high performance online operators, ensuring that your instance of PostgreSQL is maintained cost effectively.

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