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Licensing audits are coming – are you ready?

News that IBM, Oracle and SAP are cracking down on software licensing non-compliance have featured in industry press recently.* These software leaders are introducing more stringent measures to ensure software licenses are used correctly, and are not over-utilised, and audits are being carried out to identify the status of compliance amongst users.

These findings, based on research carried out by IDC and Flexera Software, are not unique. Gartner has found that 65% of businesses are audited by software vendors annually or more frequently. Business Software Alliance has suggested that illegal usage of software licenses runs into billions of dollars. However, license management is notoriously complex, so misuse could also be unintentional. The complexity of infrastructures within enterprises makes for very complex licensing structures. It is virtually impossible for an organisation to manage this without expertise from parties who understand the cloud or on-premise infrastructure of the organisation, and understand the business’ datacentre software licensing and usage requirements and crucially, how these translate into vendors’ metrics without wasting investment on over-subscription.

Doug Woodburn, CRN, concludes: ‘It is only the trusted advisers in the channel – whether they are independent consultancies or SAM practices within resellers – that can provide the help end users need to defend themselves against this growing threat.’

With 14 years under our belt within database administration, and many more years within the sector as users ourselves and resellers of software, we are uniquely positioned to respond to the demand for channel vendors who can help users defend against license misuse penalties in a timely manner. So who is going to be knocking at your door? Are you ready to respond to a compliance audit within the requested timeframe? What would happen in an instance of non-compliance?

We have always worked closely with our clients to ensure that the technology they invest in performs for the business, and continues to do so.

‘Although there has been criticism of these audits forming a revenue stream for vendors, it has to be understood that the application of licenses is not as simple as a sales function. Licensing metrics extend deep into infrastructure architectures, which we are uniquely experienced in designing, provisioning, implementing and managing,’ explains Neil Truby, MD of Ardenta.

By partnering with leading datacentre software providers such as IBM, we offer support in license audits, prepare the business through a health check, or provide licenses that suit your usage. Get in touch with us if you want to check your readiness for an audit, and pre-empt bad timing by ensuring your licensing is compliant and optimised. Our clients have realised game-changing savings by leveraging our in-depth understanding of licensing models.

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