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“Not only do Ardenta have an in-depth understanding of Informix from a technical point of view but their commercial savvy with regards to Informix is undeniable, too. Ardenta has become important to our business, offering us a critical additional level of security and support to our own in-house specialists.” 

This is what our customers say about our support of their database, and we are proud of our history with Informix. We have 30 years of experience in managing, optimizing and licensing Informix databases, competing at an international level to showcase our Informix skills. We have developed deployment models that are tailored to our customers’ exacting needs of flexibility, speed to market, and resilience. Informix is ideally placed within e-gaming’s demands on the ability to store, access and query data which informs business-critical decision making.

Alongside of the high-performance, always-on database powered by Informix, Ardenta’s expertise in Informix provisioning unlocks the opportunity to make the most of your database investment, realizing the efficiencies offered in terms of costs, power saving, hardware requirements, and speed of deployment. Our partnership with IBM and experience with Informix combine to supply the technology which translates your data into the business decisions of an aggressively competitive e-gaming organisation, able to act fast on the data held within your business.

The commercial and technical benefits offered by Informix are amplified by Ardenta who optimize your licensing model, and can also offer Informix in the cloud with speed to market, controlled costs and fixed monthly fees, offering you the ultimate in efficient information management. Informix is unique in its suitability for distributed and cloud enterprise deployments, and Ardenta’s Informix in the cloud is delivered off state-of-the art data centres – making aggressive competition and instant scalability possible at even the most stretched IT budgets. Automated storage and memory management, ensuring that DBA resources are utilized more efficiently if in-house, or if outsourced, ensures that budgets deliver the biggest business benefit. Ardenta is perfectly equipped to licence, support and manage your Informix requirements, and advise on which edition of Informix is going to be most efficient in meeting your development, deployment and distribution requirements.

Informix deployed by Ardenta delivers results:

  • Powerful combination of structured and unstructured data
  • Instantly scalable
  • Efficient use of technology and budget, realising cost and admin savings
  • Unprecedented performance and scalability
  • Flexibility and speed to market at predictable costs in cloud deployments
  • Efficiency savings on storage, power, cooling and administration
  • Optimized use of hardware; Ardenta’s experience with Informix lets you make the most of your software investment, ensuring that you continually optimize your performance, at a cost that makes sense
  • Seamless integration into other business applications such as Business Intelligence
  • Scale up or down to meet seasonal requirements
  • A variety of add-ons allow you to deploy the smartest software for the results you need

Our Informix skills in the e-gaming sector are unmatched, making us the strategic partner for optimising and managing Informix environments in any sector.

Contact us for further information on how the Informix Warehouse Accelerator and Full Grid functionality will introduce speed and replication capabilities with low storage requirements; game changers for your infrastructure, your decision support and your budget.



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