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The International Informix User Group is where worldwide Informix specialists come together for technical sessions, user feedback and demonstrations. We attend this conference every year to ensure our customers benefit from the most up-to-date skills, and to hear the latest on Informix. This year, in conjunction with the 2015 IIUG conference, IBM signalled in an open letter to the Informix user community that it continues to support and grow the worldwide ecosystem of Informix application providers, solution providers and resellers.


There has over the years been no shortage of rumours on what’s on the horizon for Informix and many of these fears have staying power thanks to the internet. It is natural to think about ‘what if’ scenarios when it comes to a product which is ubiquitous, unique and essential to a business’ operation. We know that the future of Informix is something which interests our customers, so here is that open letter which signals IBM’s commitment, as well as some of our thoughts on what we think is on the horizon for Informix:


IBM is committed to delivering software and systems that help our clients achieve rapid value to better serve their business, and increase operational efficiency to lower costs. An example of this commitment is Informix® 12 (…) The world’s rapidly growing data – often called Big Data – is the natural resource that is fuelling our smarter planet. Data professionals like you are delivering solutions that are powering and transforming businesses, and in many cases, transforming the world. Informix, with its innovative Flexible Grid clustering , in-memory Warehouse Accelerator, and new TimeSeries Acceleration offers an unique set of capabilities for this era of big data. Further, it is built on a robust and reliable foundation designed for high performance transaction processing with minimal administration. These attributes make Informix software ideal for companies with few technical resources, or for application and solution providers who are looking to embed database management capabilities. We understand that your business relies on Informix solutions. IBM continues to support and grow the worldwide ecosystem of Informix application providers, solution providers and resellers. In addition, Informix 12 is complemented by many other software offerings from IBM, including IBM Optim and Guardium information governance and IBM Cognos® and SPSS business analytics software. I am committed to providing an innovative portfolio that will contribute to the success of your organizations.*


We interpret this as an encouraging indicator of the demand created by industry trends, as well as a demonstration of IBM’s readiness to support the wider Informix community. Where businesses are increasingly intolerant of IT failure, calling for no outages under stretched budgets, Informix’ low-touch, low maintenance nature delivers on promise of high performance without the extra resources. This is why we continue to refer to Informix as ‘built for egaming’.

Here is why we say Informix forever:

  • Trust: It has been around for 20 years, and is a stable technology
  • High performance: We see Informix databases performing impeccably at peak times of tens of thousands of bets per minute
  • Self-healing, which means less downtime, lower maintenance overheads; a low touch solution which spells simplicity in IT
  • Future-proof: Informix is ready for IoT and the data tidal wave that hits businesses who wish to explore and analyse the data they harness, because it integrates with analytics solutions
  • Speed; IWA introduces speed which is felt across all business functions: Imagine pulling reports as and when you want them, in seconds rather than hours, without impacting other operations.
  • Efficiency: Reduced storage needs and enhanced scalability are particularly impressive features of v12.1

How devoted is Ardenta to Informix? Informix will stay at the core of our business as we move forward, ever growing our customer base and service offering in response to demand. We have some of the most skilled Informix specialists on board, and look forward to continuing to serve a loyal base of customers across sectors. We find ways to offer Informix-in-the-cloud to our customers, adding a further layer of convenience and efficiency, to suit different appetites and needs.

As data emerges as the new currency, being capable of quickly translating this into insights and actions without huge costs and time constraints is going to be fundamental to the future of every business, but especially those whose business-critical operations take place online. Future-proofing your technology investment critically means ensuring that you have ready access to specialists who can support you.


* The full letter from Bob Picciano, GM IBM Information Management, can be found on


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