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It’s time to deliver IT strategy, not completed tickets. IT teams the world over are witnessing how the role of IT is changing.

If your challenges include operational platforms, data center upgrade/expansion, virtualisation, security, and network upgrades/expansion, you’re not alone. 40% of CIOs see these as their current challenges, according to Brocade’s findings in their global CIO survey. These challenges arise in response to business demands; and that’s before reacting to problems arising from other departments purchasing IT without permission or involvement.

Furthermore, there are reports suggesting that the way IT services are delivered is evolving radically, with Broad Group’s Datacentre Europe 6 report outlining that 40% of the datacentre market is expected to be outsourced by 2019. At a time when businesses are becoming increasingly intolerant of IT failure, merely fixing problems is not likely to reduce your stress or serve the business. But these two findings – what the challenges are and the prediction of increasingly outsourced data centres suggest a way forward which enables IT to evolve in its role within the business.

Ken Cheng, CTO and Senior VP of Corporate Development and Emerging Business for Brocade, commented, “The role of IT is changing from being an administrator of infrastructure to becoming an enabler of the business – driving innovation and new ways of working to revolutionize customer engagement and transactional processes. More than ever, the CIO has a critical role in advising the board and senior management on strategic business investments, but legacy infrastructure remains a major roadblock, prohibiting business agility and innovation. The New IP offers a way of addressing this, enabling business objectives to be met.”

Although the range of industries represented in the survey was broad, nowhere is the innovation message felt more than in the fiercely competitive and fast moving gaming industry. The message that IT teams must stop being infrastructure admins and start driving innovation carries a greater than usual requirement for deploying the services of expert advisors. Removing routine tasks will make room for innovation when the service provider understands the unique needs of the organisation.

In summary, these are practices we have seen as effective in enabling innovation within your business:

  • Identify what stands in the way of realising your IT vision
  • Remove detractions to time, resources, budget and indeed energy
  • Remove routine tasks to make room for innovation
  • Brief a trusted advisor.
  • Focus on delivering your strategy

So by taking your attention away from infrastructure admin, you can focus on delivering your IT strategy, having briefed a trusted advisor. Only this way can you make sure your IT strategy consists of enabling innovation rather than just keeping the lights on.

We work closely with our clients as consultants on a variety of infrastructure and network projects to remove detractions to resources, budget, time and system performance, and are able to advise on how gains for healthier IT can be made. Our customers (see case study here) recognise early on that costs saved through our services directly enables innovation as resources can be re-routed into innovation to grow the business:

‘The Informix deal that Ardenta helped us put together was part of an organic growth strategy for our eGaming business, and every penny saved on licensing can be direct towards application development.’ (CIO, major eGaming brand)

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