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Ardenta IPv6 enabled

Today marks a significant step for Ardenta Limited, Ardenta Networks Limited and our customers as all our public-facing services are now IPv6 enabled. As leading organisations such as Google, Facebook and Cisco deploy IPv6 for their public services, Ardenta joins them and signals our commitment to leadership within networking and demonstrates a unique readiness and capability as an ISP.

The depletion of IPv4 addresses and the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 has been in the news for quite some time now. This has sparked debates between innovators who welcome the benefits that IPv6 unlocks and the sceptics who maintain that there is no need to rush as alternatives will be viable for the foreseeable future. The reasons for migrating to IPv6 are far more compelling than the benefits of delaying.

More and more devices are being connected to the internet, and as more of those already connected are online more often, technologies to share IP addresses are becoming less viable. An enterprise’s decision to take no action and let service providers translate IPv6 enabled access to IPv4 websites may work right now, but will degrade performance and skew user metrics.

‘This change marks a huge leap forward in terms of Ardenta’s own online presence and IPv6 will surely complement the existing product catalogue for hosted customers.’ says Con Spathas, Director of Ardenta Networks Ltd. ‘Not only does it showcase the concentration of specialised skills we house, but for us as an organisation it gives us a clear business and IT advantage.’ Case studies which spell out ‘IPv6 works’ cite the discovery of unique business benefits ranging from future-proofing and enabling growth to added security. Con welcomes these and explains: ‘The solutions we adopt are safe and robust, and equip us and our customers for future growth, preparing for emerging trends as well as threats. Performance and security underpins successful enterprises, so there is no justification for a ‘wait and see’ approach’, he urges.

If organisations consider their IPv6 readiness now, and start planning their change, it will put them at an advantage against their competitors. This process requires a decision to keep current with changes in the industry. We recommend enterprises explore the business case and map out their own plan for IPv6 migration, and don’t assume that service providers will deliver plans that are designed with your business, your strategy and ultimately your industry leadership status in mind.

Here at Ardenta Networks we welcome anyone who wants to explore the business impact and benefit of migrating to IPv6 and will be happy to share our experience and recommendations tailored to your needs.

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